10 Signs that You might be the Next Big Entrepreneur

You might have read many papers regarding what GOOD entrepreneur should have but today I will discuss some more exciting stuff & that signs show greater probabilities of being  the Next Big Entrepreneur.

I won’t talk about Restlessness, Rebellious Streak, Competitiveness, Risk-Taking Behaviors because these are very common things. We will check out some signs which will definitely trigger your curiosity.

These are the signs which make you different from others

Long lasting legacy that’s what you seek

You believe money is the by-product of your work. It will automatically reflect in your bank account. You take efforts for creating something really big, something huge and not for money. Right now you might not know what you want to do but that feeling of making something huge that is the real sign of next big entrepreneur.

Understand the difference between your value and your price

You should always understand the difference between your value and your price. In job market what employer pays you as a salary is a cost to the company. On the opposite if you work at your free will and make a profit for that venture then you can call that profit as your value.

On a smaller scale, if you look at your efforts and time as the investment, it simply means you know your value. Which are the most important part and it is the sign of future entrepreneur.

Consider yourself an outsider

Yes, you read it right. This is because your ideas might be rejected by everyone. They also might be different from the traditional Ideas. In other words, your ideas are unique and innovative which regular people can’t understand. Don’t you think this is something we all expect from great entrepreneur “innovation and uniqueness”

The future as an entrepreneur excites you

You presently might be willing to work for the vision you have?

You want your vision to become reality and are ready to turn each and every stone. If the idea of creating your business in your own way excites you then this is the sign of future entrepreneur in the making.

You often notice Scope for improvement

You can easily find out how to do resource optimization and easily upgrade procedures or systems accordingly. You might notice how service provider, adds value to its costumer’s with existing resources or may notice how this services or goods can be provided in lesser cost with same quality.

Having this vision of noticing scope of improvement is a sign of future entrepreneur.

Challenges, positive pressure motivates you

Are you that kind of a person who gets bugged of daily work and really enjoy challenging jobs? Are you comfortable in not being comfortable? Do you work hard when you feel that you can’t make it? Sometimes you look at your success as revenge to your enemies? Then congratulations this is the sign of great entrepreneur


You won’t believe it but, yes unpredictability is the common thing between all big entrepreneurs. According to Eric Raise unpredictable entrepreneur increases odds of success.

If you are consistent then you are predictable. In this constantly changing world, you can’t be consistent. You need to change and go with the wind and this will automatically make you unpredictable.

You didn’t like the traditional system

 You never fit in culture. You don’t find those rigid systems comfortable, for example, have you ever challenged or questioned anyone about their belief system when you find scope for improvement. Like arguing with the teacher on study materials or challenging fellow student for their belief. This rebellious attitude makes a future entrepreneur.

Where others see problems, you see opportunities

 In simple language, you need to be optimistic. Do you try new things only because of that inner voice which is telling you that you can find out the solution for the problem? Then congratulations because you have one more sign of becoming a great entrepreneur.

Sleepless elite

Are you one of those people who can’t sleep if they are not done with their checklist? Do you feel uneasy if you can’t solve your problems? You forget everything and enjoy problem-solving? If yes, you can become a good Entrepreneur.

If you have all the signs mentioned above then you can surely dawn the hat of an entrepreneur. Distance MBA in entrepreneurship from leading university like SGVU can surely help minimize the risk and understand the business process much better.

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