10 Tips for the First-Time Manager


First-time manager have a lot to learn when their career takes a forward leap into a leadership role. When you have just been promoted to your first management position, you’re going to be responsible for leading and motivating your team to accomplish goals for your organization.

It can be hard to be a first-time manager. Even if you have been a manager before but you have been promoted or reassigned to next level, you will find that there are new challenges thrown at you all the time.

Although most first-time manager learn with the help of trial and error method to understand what works and what not, however, there are a few things which can help you make the transition smoothly.

  • Don’t be shy to ask around for help. Ask HR about training that you are not aware of. Ask about training courses online, it will prepare you and your team for the best!
  • One of your key responsibilities is improving employee satisfaction across the team, while completing your own tasks.
  • Always motivate the employee working under you. If there is no clear direction to you then it will become hard for you.
  • You need to demand from yourself the same standard of dedication which you expect from your team. If you expect your team to be enthusiastic and friendly, then make sure that you too are.
  • The ability to listen, don’t do selective listening it will be critical as you spend more one-on-one time with your employees. This is the most prominent skill that a manager should have.
  • You should be able to provide this message to the employees that he will get dedicated support from your side.
  • The key to success for a smart manager is to make their team productive by applying their knowledge in the most efficient manner.
  • As you are a new manager you may feel a lot of pressure, but just need to be relaxed and do your work by focusing your target.
  • Always ask your seniors for feedback about your work done.
  • Always strive to be a good decision-maker so that you can become trust-worthy for your employees. Try to be a Role model not for your team but also for other employees in your organization.

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