Does Distance MBA Increase Your Chance of Promotion?


Distance MBA is your flight ticket to take-of your career. Harvard Business School report says 6 of 10 Top C-level managers have MBA to their name.

Did they leave their job or took a career break to pursue their 2-years MBA?  

Not really !

They made sure their career wasn’t at stake while they pursued their MBA by opting Distance MBA.

By doing so one could apply the bookish knowledge into the corporate world.

The key reason of these managers opted Distance MBA, it allows one to get their master’s degree while they are on job viz. it’s “learn while you earn” scenario.

Irrespective of your industry, your career flight will reach new horizon post your Distance MBA. Not to miss the 2 years on-field experience while you pursue your Distance MBA. It will be the pilot of your career flight.

Here are a few valued skills that you will enhance as you pursue your Distance MBA

  • Leadership Skills – An organisation achieves their goals cause of leaders who make their employees work efficiently. A company is not built by the employees but, by the leaders working for it. Distance MBA will enhance your leadership skills, grooming you as a good leader. Employers always look out for candidates who have proven their leadership skills in the past, thus Distance MBA helps you to broaden your horizons.
  • Business Communication & Teamwork – Your ability to get along with fellow colleagues plays a key role in increasing the chances of getting promoted. You become an attractive employee when you have the ability to communicate from CEO level to ground staff. Your distance MBA will help you become an easy person to communicate with and a sought after team player.
  • Negotiation Skills – Negotiation skills boosts your confidence which plays a key criteria in getting business to your company and while seeking promotion or salary hike. After completion of your MBA you will not only negotiate for your company but also will be a good negotiator for yourself.

Broaden your horizon

Your MBA studies won’t only increase your chances for promotion but, it’s a degree which is valued across a wide range of industry globally.

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