MBA with Unique Industry Focused-Learning from SGVU

Suresh Gyan Vihar University:

Suresh Gyan Vihar University is one of the most awarded universities established in the year 2012 at Jaipur, Rajasthan, for the students who could not take admission in regular college for higher education like MBA. SGVU gives aspiring students an opportunity to make their dream come true by offering the distance MBA with unique industry-focused learning.

Key features of SGVU:

SGVU delivers distance education programmes by providing a completely flexible environment for learning. It also gives an easy mode for study by providing online resources through Digital Campus which you can access from your personal mobile, tablet & laptop devices. And the very most important additional feature it provides is that it ensure employability along with education by providing free skill building programmes and career workshops to make student ready for the industry as per their demand. It means SGVU provides unique industry focused learning.

What is MBA with unique industry-focused learning?

Unique industry-focused learning means bridges the gap between academia and Industry. Every industry has its own unique challenges, needs, technology applications and language. SGVU understands, and it taps professionals with specific industry experience to ensure they ramp up quickly and deliver solutions relevant to their business.

How SGVU provide MBA with unique industry-focused learning?

SGVU-DE provide MBA with unique industry-focused learning by considering main aspects which are required for any student to get employed as per industry demand.

You become industry ready:

SGVU deliver a ground breaking MBA, by offering an industry-focused learning experience like no other university offers.SGVU-DE offers resource books through SGVU-DE centre which contain up to date information and also contains live projects and case studies.

Bussiness Giants endorse you:

It provides the course curriculum which is endorsed by industry partners like Talentedge, PeopleStrong, Wheebox, OLX and more.

It provides employability skill test so that industry can judge who are employable in their industry according to their requirement.

Corporate gurus train you:

It offers industry oriented professional courses with updated inputs from industry experts in their specialised field.

The course structure is developed by highly qualified faculty members  with education cum-industry experience.

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