Why Choose Distance MBA Over Correspondence MBA?

Why choose distance / online MBA over correspondence MBA?


In today’s constantly evolving corporate world, MBA has become a mandatory degree to stand out of the competition. Even if an individual has completed his graduation and is decent in his work, Distance MBA degree is a must to climb the corporate ladder. This degree not only offers promotion opportunities in the professional career but also hones the managerial skills.

Now, MBA degree can be pursued through different modes such as regular, online or through correspondence. Each mode is designed to serve a specific purpose. Regular MBA is mostly pursued by fresh graduates, who have time in their hands and can invest it for a brighter career. Distance MBA and correspondence MBA best serves working professionals who wish to move ahead in the career by enrolling for higher education.

For Aspirants, fresher or working professional aiming to pursue MBA through distance or correspondence mode it is of utmost importance to understand the key difference between distance MBA over correspondence MBA.

Correspondence MBA

Correspondence MBA is partially self-paced learning methodology.

  • In this mode, all the study materials are provided to the student in the form of hard copy or study books and notes.
  • Students have to attend weekend classes at respective study centers, which are at some specified locations only.
  • This mode of learning can be time as well as cost consuming. Where the student might have to travel to the center and in case if the lecture is missed, that lecture won’t be repeated.
  • It is difficult for the working professionals to accept this mode. After working for 5 hectic days, attending classes on weekends can be daunting. In additional, would find it difficult to find work-life balance.

Online or Distance MBA

  • Distance MBA is a boon for working professionals because of its flexible learning environment.
  • It is booming as this fulfills the requirements of many individuals who cannot spare much of the time from their busy schedule and also cannot invest much.
  • This mode of education utilizes ever improving, internet technology, where in the study materials and the content is delivered via audio or video interactive lectures, e-books, study guides and also through electronic mails. All this are provided with the help of Digital Campus which the student can access anytime anywhere.
  • The video lectures provided to students are recorded so that student can watch as per their convenience. Also, the pattern of assignments and examination is objective in this mode. Here, there is the student to student peer interaction.

Hence considering all the above views it is beneficial to go for the distance MBA from reputed university like Suresh Gyan Vihar University rather than going for correspondence MBA. It provides a lot of benefits for the fresher and the working professional through ease and convenience of learning and attending exams.

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