mba in information-technology-management at sgvude

Distance MBA in Information Technology Management


MBA in Information Technology will help you gain a competitive edge in rapidly changing world of technology. This degree gives provides strong base in business management coupled with expertise in IT- a high value combination in technically driven business world. Candidates are equipped with designing, development and operational knowledge to transform Information technology into business application to ensure sustainable organizational growth. It is an advance MBA programme which positions you for a career in dynamic industries like IT management, e-commerce and telecommunication.

  •    Developing a vision for integration of latest information technologies.

       To blend skills and knowledge gained during the programme to overcome unique challenges of Information systems.

       Employ cross-functional communication effectively.

       Identify issues, define organisation objectives, collect and analyze data, evaluate risks, and leverage technology to enable qualitative and quantitative methods for problem solving.

      Demonstrate professional interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Semester I Semester II
    1. Modern Business Organization and Management 1. Business Research Methodology
    2. Global Business Environment & Economics 2. Modern Marketing Management
    3. Accounting & Financial Management 3. Information Technology for Business
    4. HR & OB 4. Production, Operations & SCM
    5. Business & Corporate Law 5. Business Communication Skills
    Semester III Semester IV
    1. Business Policies & Strategic Management 1. Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
    2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management 2. Networking Concepts
    3. Management Information Systems and Business Intelligence 3. Enterprise Resource Planning
    4. Database Management System 4. E-Commerce
    5. System Analysis and Design 5. Project
    "The syllabus mentioned above is tentative and the university reserves the right to alter or revise the syllabus at any point of time."
  • Eligibility:

    Minimum 50% marks in Graduation

    Duration Minimum- 2 years Maximum- 4 years

  • Career Potentials

       Chief Technology officer

       Information Systems Manager

       Vice President of Information Technology

       Computer Information Specialist

       Management Information Systems Director