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In an organisation, whether an intern or executive, everyone wants to get promoted. However, often just completing the task assigned to you is not enough. Most employees watch company’s internal job postings and apply which interests them the most. But to their surprise, they do not get far in the selection process.

There are some big reasons behind it. So, here are the few tips to help you advance your career.

Take Feedbacks from your boss

Seriously, there is no harm in having a meaningful discussion with your boss. Tell him where you are with your current work, what are your career goals and the available options for future advancement. Talk about what it will take to get promoted.

Love your Job

Do your job with a positive attitude. The job is not just a job, it’s who you are. Never give up from your work, try to do what you want to do. Success in your work gives you Self-satisfaction which is not even you get from money or power. So never work just for money or power.

Team Leading Quality

You cannot do everything on your own, so keep interaction with all your colleagues, interacting with people that you work with all day long may improve your happiness at work. Try to create happy moments at your job place. No matter whether there are managers or not, everyone should feel responsible for your team.

Respect your seniors

Give respect to your every senior person. If they are wrong at any step to try to suggest them good ideas but do not  try to prove them wrong, after all, the boss is always right.

Time Management

Time management is self-management. Do not work for sake of working. To increase productivity, start your day early. The more time you take to sit, think, and plan ahead, the better organized your work. When you schedule your time, it reduces stress & releases energy. So do smart work with hard work.

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