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Are you a fresh graduate aiming to pursue an MBA? Or a new manager who aims to become more effective and move up the corporate ladder? Or would you like to transfer your management experience and skills to start your own business?

Distance MBA is an advance option which opens up new avenues and builds competitive skills for the dynamic workplace. It is a unique pathway designed to develop knowledge and skills in key business functions like strategic planning, resource management, project delivery and reporting.
Here are five ways distance MBA can help you boost your career growth

True Flexible learning

With advance learning technology and increased connectivity, distance learning is on par with its full-time equivalents. Learn in a virtual classroom environment and access online resources on your laptops, tablets & mobiles, anytime and anywhere. Use different online platforms to study from the comfort of your home or work desk and concentrate on the skills enhancement.

Workplace Skills

You can gain workplace skills that are highly- valued by the employers across the globe. This includes project management, data interpretation, project delivery, reporting, presentation, time-management, problem-solving, analysis and communication.
Whether you work as an executive or a manager, these skills are applicable at all levels, in almost every industry. Employers seek out for candidates with such skills, as they know that they will ensure a smooth transition into a new workplace.

Move up the corporate ladder

With distance MBA you can develop expertise in a particular field, enhance your skills and knowledge to move up the corporate ladder. It builds innovative outlook necessary to handle the pace of a demanding job and equips you to deal with the complexity involved in a dynamic marketplace with confidence and determination.

Enhanced Employability

In the current economy, corporate companies do not wish to gamble on the employee who might require additional training. One way to stay ahead of the pack and assure employers that you are the right choice is to have an MBA qualification on your CV. You can show employers that you have the skills and knowledge of business principles to succeed in the business world. An MBA degree is a powerful differentiator for employers who need people with high business acumen.

Increased Pay Scale

Distance MBA is an innovative way to acquire career growth. Most of the corporate people equate success and even happiness to their pay scales. About 84% of corporate world plan to add new MBAs to their workplace, as it was 74% in 2014 and 62% five years ago, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council survey (GMAC).

While you may be inspired to jump the career ladder, create new networks and open doors you have never dreamed of, sometimes the best reason to take on a new challenge is simply personal happiness. But for the right individual and right reasons, an MBA from Suresh Gyan Vihar University- Distance Education can be a good investment.


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