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Today’s competitive world has no place for mistakes. With the least scope for shortcomings, it is very important to pay attention when you are enrolling for a Distance MBA course. You can’t afford to make petty mistakes and then regret later. After all, this MBA is going to shape your future.

Here are the top 10 mistakes that people make when selecting a Distance MBA and you should definitely avoid them.

Selecting the Wrong Institute
The most common mistake that you can make while selecting distance MBA degree is selecting a sub-standard or cheaper institute in order to save one year or cost. Spend time in researching well about reputation, faculty and placements.

Choosing the Wrong Stream
Equally important is re-thinking twice before finalizing a particular stream. You must find out which is the best stream according to your background, personal interest and facilities available.

Considering Online Mode an Easy Option
It is a myth that distance MBA degree or Distance MBA is easy and can be done without any efforts. You should be well-prepared to pitch in regular study hours and self-discipline when you are enrolling.

Taking it Easy Initially and Only Focusing on Exams
While it is not the same as regular classes, studying through an online or distant education mode also requires regular studying, not just during examination days.

Neglecting Networking Skills
Online courses can make you feel isolated as there is no face-to-face interaction with teachers or peers. If you do not reach out to your online communities and develop strong networking skills, you may always end up being aloof academically.

Filling Application Forms incorrectly
The application form is the first step into the course. Filling it fast and carelessly or giving wrong details will do more harm in future. You may not be able to get the right course options.

Following Cattle Race
If you are considering distance MBA just because a lot of your friends are doing it, you might be wrong again. Think about your own interests, and then enrol. Do not follow the herd mentality.

Enrolling in Non-Accredited Program
Enrolling without checking proper accreditation details can land you in the wrong institutes. Imagine working hard only to realize the course is not valid!

Paying from Your Pocket

While Distance MBA courses are affordable, you still need to pay for it. Before shelling out the money from your pocket, try using scholarships and other resources to pay for fees.

Not Digging Too Deep
When your career and hard earned money is on the stake, you really shouldn't enrol for a course without doing ample research. The best way of gaining real insight into an institute and its programs is by talking to the alumni. Give them a call or e-mail them and check how the program/institute helped their careers and then make the decision

Avoiding these can help you take a wise decision.

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