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Benefits of Pursuing BBA after 12th - SGVU

The Suresh Gyan Vihar University (SGVU) was established in 2012. This university offers various programs from BBA to BCA, MCA, PGDCA, and MBA in both the regular and the distance mode. 

Distance BBA offered by SGVU

The distance BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree offered by SGVU is a three-year program. After graduation, the BBA students can either opt to work for top corporations or continue their studies for a post-graduation program. The mandatory courses set by SGVU for this program include Computer Applications, Finance, Marketing, Economics, Management, and General Business Law. The program is focussed to improve the presentation, communication, logical reasoning, business management, and computer application skills of the candidates for them to grow their overall personality. 

Benefits of pursuing BBA after 12th:

BBA is not considered as just another bachelor's degree. The degree is of high value and standards in the market. The top reasons to pursue your study for a BBA degree are the following:

  • Earn a versatile degree

Earning a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration has a lot of value. The degree is a combination of personality development, practical knowledge, and theory. These are the key qualities and skills required for individuals to achieve success and reach greater heights. 

  • Cover multiple disciples

The curriculum of the BBA course is vast, thus making sure you cover the necessary subjects that make you gain proper experience in the three years of course study. The different disciplines that are covered in this course include Human Resources Management, Marketing, Accounting, Strategic Management, and Organizational Behavior.

  • Professional Degree

BBA is a professional degree dedicated to students who will gain professional knowledge to pursue a career. Many students are placed in reputed organizations after pursuing a BBA degree. There is no mandatory requirement for a master's degree. BBA degree holders have the highest employment rate when compared to other bachelor's degree holders. 

  • Pursue an MBA

Graduates from various professional backgrounds can get admitted to an MBA degree course, but if you are a BBA graduate, you will benefit more from the same. You are taught the same subjects but with higher depth. This way, you are prepared with the fundamentals. So if you are focused to achieve an MBA as a specialization, do your BBA for setting your career path. 

  • Trending

Avail the best knowledge that comes with pursuing a BBA Degree. This course is well designed to teach students about the business world. Get updated regarding the latest advancements and trends in the market. Use the best practices and technology to gain knowledge and experience. 

  • High salary and its benefits

Most professionals fix the goal of a handsome salary. A bachelor's degree in BBA makes that possible. With this degree, you are eligible for most of the administrative and managerial professions, thus availing its benefits and salary. You also get quick promotions, you can swap between companies to manage your payment quota, but that merely depends on your negotiation skills.

  • Job Satisfaction

Once you opt for a BBA degree, you are pretty clear on your career path. You are choosing business administration as your stream, according to your choice. This guarantees your job satisfaction. Most people end up doing jobs that they hate, this will not be the case for you. This will, therefore, have a positive effect on your life.   

  • Personal Development

This degree is not only about education, but also improves your overall personality. This degree teaches you to be confident, stable, and capable of handling your team as a leader. This degree also teaches you good public speaking skills by the number of presentations you deliver throughout your BBA course. Thus, you will become more developed and a wholesome being. 

  • Affordable

This degree is affordable when compared to other MBA and business-related degrees. Despite this course being 3 years long, it is pretty affordable and inexpensive. Also, at the end of the course, the degree holds the value of the money you have invested in education. 

Objectives for distance BBA education offered by SGVU:

  • Have a hands-on experience by training students

  • Learn job-related skills for your specialization

  • Groom the student for his overall development of communication and oratory skills. 

  • Develop analytical and conceptual skills of management

BBA curriculum offered by SGVU:

1st Semester subjects:

  • Introduction to Computers

  • Principle of Management

  • Business Communication Skills

  • Business Mathematics

2nd Semester Subjects:

  • Introduction to Financial Accounts

  • Business Environment

  • Business Economics

  • Organizational Behaviour

3rd Semester Subjects:

  • Cost Accounting I

  • Foundation of Human Skills

  • Human Resource Management

  • Principles of Marketing

4th Semester Subjects:

  • Business Statistics

  • Financial Management

  • Management of Information Systems

  • Production & Operation Management

5th Semester Subjects:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Elements of Company Law

  • Business Entrepreneurship

  • International Economics

6th Semester subjects:

  • Business Regulatory Framework (Mercantile Law)

  • Business Administration

  • E-Commerce

  • Project Work

Eligibility Criteria to pursue BBA after 12th at SGVU:

  • 10+2 or its equivalent

  • Duration: Minimum- 3 years, Maximum- 6 years

Get admitted to a top-class university and be taught the curriculum by excellent faculty present in SGVU. Avail the best facilities through your distance education program. 


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