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MBA is a highly popular professional course. There are many aspirants for this course. MBA or a Master’s in Business Administration is a post-graduate level course offering a variety of specialisations. For example, aspirants who are interest in finance can opt for an MBA in finance management. Similarly, those interested in sales or marketing can opt for the marketing specialisation. Other specialisations include strategy, human resource, information technology etc.

A degree or diploma in financial management would ideally be a two-year course. In between the course, the students get an opportunity to intern at banking establishments or in the accounts department of corporate offices. Once a student has earned his degree in this field, he can find employment in any organization. Every organization has a department dealing with the monetary resources. Or he can also apply at a financial firm.

Many students go for further studies like a PhD degree or advanced financial courses like CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and FRM (Financial Risk Management). Both courses open avenues for great financial careers. While PhD candidates may pursue a career in finance related research and teaching.

The career prospects for students of a Distance MBA from SGVU in finance management are not different from a regular MBA in finance management as long as it is pursued from a good institute which is accredited and has credibility in the market. Financial management is a specialised field and require financial skills and knowledge. In fact, online degree from prestigious international institutes can be valuable ad help the students develop an international perspective in financial management.

There are various sub-fields of finance where students can build a strong career. These are corporate finance, investment banking, portfolio management, asset management, equity research etc.

In general, a student can have great career prospects after completing a Distance MBA in finance management as long as they have chosen the right course. The right course will be the one which is provided by an accredited institute. The students should check the credibility of the institute and the course being offered. Secondly, they should also check the course work. A good course should be able to teach the necessary skills for a good career in financial management. Also, going for a course that also provides internship opportunities to its students will be extremely beneficial to the candidate. With the well-chosen course in this field, a student can have a great career ahead in the field.


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