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MBA courses equip working professionals with a stronger and deeper understanding of advanced concepts in a given specialization. Management concepts combined with leadership skills along with exposure to the cutting-edge tools, techniques and innovative approaches enables you to operate effectively in the global markets. It opens up a vast set of career opportunities for professionals within their own domain or while shifting careers.

Distance MBA programs make this elite and exclusive degree accessible to anyone who fulfills the eligibility criteria. They enable working professionals to attend classes and study without having to quit their job or take a long leave of absence. It infuses flexibility for them to study at any time, place and pace of their choosing. They cost less than on-campus and full-time programs because they have much lower fees, low opportunity cost and no cost of accommodation, conveyance and relocation.

Why distance MBA in finance management?

Out of all the specializations an MBA degree in finance management is the most sought-after and is considered very lucrative despite being challenging.

This is because it infuses key knowledge of handling finances, management and leadership skills all into one course. Also, finance is a core and indispensable part of any organization across the spectrum and effective financial management will ensure that the organization is profitable and growth-oriented.

A manager or executive who can understand and strategize effectively in the finance function is an invaluable asset to the organization. This course prepares participants for a flourishing career in accounting, financial management, banking, corporate finance, public finance, financial planning and so on. Such professionals are in demand not only in the banking and financial sectors but across sectors like supply chain, media, IT, hospital management and so on. Experienced professionals with this post-grad degree get opulent salaries.

Best distance MBA in finance management

The best distance MBA in finance management is offered by Suresh Gyan Vihar University, The course equip learners with knowledge and skills in critical aspects of finance like financial decision-making, capital management, international finance, mergers and acquisitions, etc. and to effectively apply these in the dynamic business environment. Live and interactive lectures emulating classroom environment in the virtual space, project work, 24x7 learning resource access and dedicated student support make learning effective.

Eligibility criteria for admission to this program

For admission into these programs:

  1. For admission into the Suresh Gyan Vihar University’s MBA finance management program, you must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks in your graduation. If you do not have 50% or more in your graduation, work experience of a minimum of 2 years is compulsory.

If you fulfill these eligibility criteria, enroll yourself in one of these courses for impeccable career growth.



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