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We all know that traditional learning programs have their own limitations. This is because our traditional education module focuses only on the students who are present in the classroom. Today, every student including the ones who are already working in the corporate world are looking forward to certain interactive distance learning courses that help them upgrade their knowledge and advance their careers in the field they want.

Online distance learning offers great flexibility and accessibility to education. Where the scope of traditional education, online learning starts from there itself. Not only online education helps the students to learn at their own comfort, but they also help the working professional pursue their education without compromising their current work schedule. Out of all of the universities in India that offer online distance learning programs, ' is one of its kind, which offers online learning powered by Edusphere. So, what is Edusphere?

Simply put, Edusphere is a four-layered learning methodology that empowers distance education. Distance education under the gamut of Edusphere becomes an outcome-oriented learning platform that offers an excellent learning experience. Edusphere will convert your distance learning degree into a valued asset for a lifetime. Edusphere offers a more integrated approach towards education and it bridges the gap between industry and academics.

As stated earlier, Edusphere is nothing but a holistic four-layered approach towards empowering distance education, let us understand these four layers individually for a better understanding:

  1. The Learning Sphere

It all starts with learning. With the help of interactive e-books, study guides, practice tests, reference videos, and study books, a student can enter the learning sphere very conveniently and tighten the belts for more. Suresh Gyan Vihar university distance education has developed an app where every course material is accessible to the students.


  1. The Interactive Sphere

Once the student is comfortable with the learning sphere, he or she is prompted to enter the interactive sphere where he or she installs an app, attend live lectures, attempt online assessments, ask for student support, take a tour of the digital campus and enjoy everything in his own virtual world. Everything within a matter of a few seconds.


  1. Industry Sphere

Gradually, the student becomes comfortable with learning and interactive sessions. Later, he or she feels the need of talking to an expert who can help to understand the business concepts better. Connecting with industry leaders helps here. There are industry veterans sharing their experiences and a student can listen to them anytime.


  1. Career Sphere

Finally, there is a career sphere where a student can go for a selfie scan, attend career advisory sessions from experts and avail the best placement support.

The Edusphere methodology is gaining importance in our country and abroad day by day. These degrees are not only good but they are recognized worldwide. SGVU is doing a great job of providing quality education that is affordable and accessible to all parts of Indian society. Let us not compromise on anything and pursue our careers the way we want to.

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