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Recently, there has been a remarkable growth pertaining to the hospital industry in India, that has led to a great demand and the popularity of courses related to the hospital management. The requirement of the professional administrator in hospital is rapidly growing to the fact that the work in hospitals is fairly different from other organizations since the hospitals are generally expected to deliver quality service round the clock. Suresh Gyan Vihar University imparts Distance MBA course in Hospital Management to fill this gap.

The urgency of its work and the standard of efficiency, which is expected, have increased the need of organized hospital management courses. Moreover, various educational institutions in India have started to offer coursed related to hospital administration. Additionally, a career in hospital management helps a person to achieve two goals in life, firstly, a good salary package and service to mankind.

Medical establishments are as organized as any other business or institutions. They follow composite processes and require efficient manpower in order to manage those processes.

The hospital management and administration is mainly concerned with the well-structured organization, planning, staffing, coordination, and evaluation and controlling of health services for the people. The principal objective is providing quality healthcare to the masses and that too in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Professional hospital administrators have proved how institutions could be managed effectively, economically and successfully in a stipulated time period.


The most important aspect of a hospital administrator profession is to be capable of acting as a proficient mediator between the medical staff, governing boards, and department heads are integrating the activities of all the department so that they work smoothly in a holistic manner.

The effectiveness of a hospital manager lies in various things such as multidisciplinary conceptual skills in order to protect the medical profession and the clients from unnecessary legal proceedings, quality and risk management, human resource development, environment conservation, marketing, product diversification and the logistic emergency management.

Job Prospect
The importance and popularity of health care can never dwindle. In fact, the number of institutes that are providing health care is only increasing rapidly. In India, there are more than two and a half lac healthcare institutes which require competent hospital managers and administrators.

The increasing demand for high professionalism would only increase the significance of the MBA course related to hospital management in India. Enrol today for a MBA course in Hospital Management at SGVU ( Ranked No.1 private university). There is a tremendous amount of competition among the government as well as private hospitals. And in this respect, the demand for professional hospital managers and administrators is rising rapidly.

Career Scope

  • Health-care Industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Health-care management consulting firms
  • Health insurance companies


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