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With the expanding base at the elementary and secondary education level, the demand for higher education had increased. The University Grants Commission (UGC) suggested the proposals for evening colleges, correspondence courses, and external degrees should be considered. On priority, it initiates to generate higher education access to working professionals, socially disadvantaged, women and other adults from remote areas. The distance university is incomparable terms of learning material, the mode of content delivery, evaluation and the range of programs. The learners can avail the benefits of learning at self-paced, open scheduling, guidance from experts, networking benefits, updated content and others.

The distance learning system has emerged as an important mode for providing distance education to diverse sections of society for that government recognition is very important for distance without government recognition university or institute is not allow to go for the Higher programme. The UGC took over the power to regulate open learning from distance education council to report on Indian university education and suggested in improvements in education and extensions that might be desirable to suit the present and future need and aspiration of the country. As per the Government recognition, Distance MBA is being must for every working professional cause it is helpful for decision making, development of management skills overall development. Recognition for Distance MBA builds trust for students, working professionals to go for distance education at any time without having doubts in their mind and can successfully complete their MBA degree from distance.

The Planning Commission took serious note of such a need for the introduction of correspondence education in the country. In the light of the observations made by the Planning Commission, the Central Advisory Board of Education recommended the setting up of an Expert Committee under the Chairman of UGC, to look into the proposal of introducing correspondence courses. UGC, DEB are the authorized committee which looks after the distance courses to make provision for the co-ordination and determination of standards of universities. The Expert Committee recommended the institution of distance courses in view of the greater flexibility, economic condition and innovative methods of imparting education. The committee has suggested that distance courses in India should be administered by the universities.

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