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With the increasing demand of Management Graduates across corporate, Distance MBA is most preferred Master’s Degree course. As per a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the MBA Career Services, corporates from all around the world will require business graduates. More than 84% companies are intending to employ more MBA graduates. This survey was done in 47 countries with 748 employers in 46 companies globally.

More Features and Flexible Learning

Since the birth of Distance Education, it has evolved with time giving more flexibility which was never been thought before. Features like Online Interactive Live Lecture gives student important knowledge which an employer seeks in candidates App based learning giving the student the depth of Reach to University.

More Job Prospect

Since the UGC published the notice that Distance MBA is now eligible for all Central / State Government & Private Jobs, the credibility of Distance MBA has increased. Many students get confused between Distance MBA from Distance University or Regular MBA but the parameter for Demand in Market is not the mode, it was and it always will be acknowledge.

Knowledge gaining

In the interview, knowledge will always be tested. There are lots of students who have completed their MBA degree through regular mode but still not able to get jobs they deserve. This is because they did not acquire the required knowledge.

So if a student gets the same knowledge at one tenth cost of regular MBA, without quitting the job, Distance MBA will always have an upper hand.


With increasing number of Universities and Institutes for Distance Education along with a number of students enrolling every year, reliability on Distance has also increased.

With more than 100 Institutes and Universities for Distance Education, it is important to pursue MBA from well recognized and reputed organisation. Join SGVU, India’s most awarded university to increase your credibility and demand in the constantly surging global corporate domain.

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