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Boost your work performance and jump towards the next stage of your career confidently with distance programs that have been skilfully designed for students & working professionals. Suresh Gyan Vihar University Distance Education (DE) offers distance courses that are structured and planned for a steady work-life & study balance. Depending on the interest and need, students have an option to choose from courses within the following: BBA, BCA, MBA, MCA, and Lateral programs. Now the question is how a distance course can help in your career growth. 

Thinking why to join distance courses? The answer is simple.  Although most people join distance mode for higher education while they are working full time, students are joining distance courses too. The reason behind it is the affordable nature of these programs and flexibility. I mean you can carry on with your current work or studies, and by opting for distance education you can upgrade skills and put them into practice at work. By joining well-planned market-oriented BBA or MBA distance courses in SGVU, aspirants can enhance their qualifications and stay ahead of their competition in their respective work field. Besides, these courses up-lift the confidence of the students and prepare them to face the challenges in their careers. How? Check out points on how SGVU's distance courses can help students to take their careers to the next level. 

Distance Courses Offered in Suresh Gyan Vihar University and their advantages

  • Learn expert managerial skills with student-centric BBA course 

To gain sufficient knowledge and skills in Logical Reasoning, Communication Skills, Business Management, and Presentation Skills, a distance BBA course from SGVU can be a smart choice. Besides, taught by trained professionals, students can gain conceptual and analytical skills in all functional areas of Management and acquire incredible growth in their overall personality as well. You must know how companies are constantly looking for individuals who have up-to-date knowledge, and with an in-depth knowledge of BBA courses in Computer Applications, Economics, General Business Law, Finance, and Marketing, you will have an extra edge over co-workers.

  • Up-skill yourself with distance BCA to excel in your field 

Market trends are changing, and so are the business approaches. Today, candidates with professional competencies in computer systems are in high demand. Thus,  distance courses in BCA can improve your on-the-job growth track and broaden your employability chances. With distance courses from SGVU, you get a flexible study opportunity that allows you to continue with your current job and gain extra proficiency in the fields of  Software Engineering, Lab - Java Programming, Software Testing, Web Technologies, necessary for career growth in the IT sector as well as service-based sectors.

  • Increase chances of getting hired with distance MBA course

MBA distance courses offer learners the top skills and knowledge in the finance sector. They impart problem-solving skills and help students to acquire soft skills and industry-specific knowledge so that they can step into the future with self-assurance. By delivering current knowledge in the field of  Entrepreneurship & Leadership, Business and Insurance Management, Finance & Accounting, Human Resource Management, etc., SGVU makes you an indispensable fit in the finance sector you are working in. Besides, these courses help you to think out-of-the-box and increase your efficiency and productivity which is crucial for your career growth.

  • Equip yourself with the knowledge that the global IT industry seeks with optimum MCA courses

Entirely formulated to meet the needs of the IT industry, Distance MCA courses impart students with in-depth knowledge in mathematics, computing, business functions, etc., relevant to information technology. Further, specializing students in the fields of computer like System Engineering, Hardware Technology, Application Software, Software Development, etc., with hands-on-practical training, these distance courses open up various career opportunities. Providing advanced knowledge of Database Management System, Data Communication & Computer Network, Advanced Internet Technologies, etc. An MCA distance course guarantees to take your career to new heights. 

Besides all these above-mentioned courses and their benefits, distance courses empower you too and make you job-ready. Here is how it works.

  • Distance learning programs teach time management. Once you learn how to efficiently manage assignments and class sessions, you can transfer this ability into the corporate world of board meetings and deadlines.

  • Courses in Suresh Gyan Vihar University (DE) emphasize on latest developments and current market trends. This helps students to gain mastery in management and recent technology, thus increasing their work efficiency levels. 

  • It is vital in the competitive market to prove yourself every step of the way. Distance courses enhance your marketability to employers once you start to put what you learn into practice and prove your passion for your job role. Online courses sharpen your abilities and make you proactive which is crucial for career development. 

Lastly, it does not matter if you are starting a career or already employed. If you are looking for a job or seeking a promotion or pay rise, a degree in MBA or MCA distance courses can show your employer how sincere and driven you are. Thus, joining distance courses will not only enable you to be better at your job but will open up new career opportunities. So why wait? Join now and take a step toward success.

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