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We are living in a digital age. The radical shift to the digital screens and the increased demand for online setups have generated the need for candidates who can actively play a crucial role in setting up IT infrastructures to the extent of generating huge profits for the company. This is the reason; MBA in Information Technology has received a boost in the past decade. The field of IT is so lucrative that not only the IT engineers but even the management trainees with an interest in IT domain are enjoying the shift in their careers and are doing very well for themselves.

As per research, recruiters are always looking for candidates who can integrate technical skills in the management aspect of the business. Once you complete your MBA in IT, you can bridge the gap between your managerial and technical skills.

With your already occupied schedule, if you still look forward to pursuing a career in IT, distance MBA in IT is the best choice for you from Distance University. It will throw challenges in your way but the hard work will be worth it.

MBA in Information Technology

Unarguably, MBA in IT has a great scope these days. The course itself gives you a great opportunity to acquire the right skills and let you experiment and blend your managerial skills along with some technical knowledge. This gives you a competitive advantage over others in your industry. A distance MBA in IT will let you focus on your work and you can study at your own comfort very well. Further, your Distance MBA in IT will help you target booming industries such as e-commerce, outsourcing, IT, and ITES. The course will give you enough opportunities to explore the unending world of information technology and carve out a comfortable niche for your own self.

Subjects like telecommunications and data communications will help you understand the global market at a convenient level.

Various Career Options after Distance MBA

After completing a Distance MBA in IT, your doors to the interactive IT world will open fast. IT managers have a great scope to work for multi-national companies like TCS, Wipro, HCL Technologies, Google and so on. These companies prefer to hire job seekers who passed out from renowned universities.

After completing your MBA from a recognised university like SGVU, you might get called for the following roles to bag:


  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • System Manager
  • Data Processing Manager
  • IT Manager
  • IT consultant
  • Chief Technology Officer

India is one of the top places for MBA IT Graduates. This is because the country is home to several IT and ITES organizations. Once your MBA in IT is complete, you can look forward to working in top metropolitan cities of the country like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and more. The candidates who have experience of more than 5 years in the industry along with an MBA qualification can easily grab a salary of 15-20 lakhs per annum.


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