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What is a Business Analyst

A Business analyst is a person who analyses the business domain to create a proper solution for the problems faced by the business. The business problem may be anything about system model, process or method. So, business analysts are often required to analyse, transform and resolve the issues that arise with the help of technology.

Here are the tips to help you kick start your career as a Business Analyst (BA)

Higher qualification for strong knowledge

Higher qualification can play a huge role when it comes to developing a strong knowledge of business analysis. It is important if you are planning to start your career in this field. Becoming knowledgeable about different business models, process or system is only the first step.

In order to build a strong knowledge, a distance MBA in Business Analysis from a leading university such as SGVU can pay rich dividends for your career.

Transferrable skills identification

A Business Analysis is a multifaceted field. So, as a working professional, you might qualify for a subset of business analysis jobs. Transferrable skills mostly come with experience. Whether you have an understanding of business analysis or not, it’s likely that few elements of your career can help you to leverage into business analysis roles.

Other factors that can contribute are as follows

  • Industry domain expertise
  • Application expertise
  • Special process expertise, like HR, Finance and Marketing
  • Expertise in a broad collection of organisations

Approach your work with business analyst mindset

To cultivate a Business Analysis mindset, practice following techniques, such as

  • Improving a business system or process
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Eliciting information
  • Career Path

College Pass outs

Once you have earned a degree in IT, HR, Finance or marketing next step to secure an entry-level job in business analysis is through a postgraduate degree such as MBA. Gain a wider exposure necessary for a career transition into a business analyst.

IT professional

At some point of time many experienced software developers reach a stage where they require new challenges. In-depth knowledge of software development cycle an data mining skills is an added advantage that can be successfully transferred to business analysis role.

Industry professionals

Changing career is a matter of due course for industry professionals as well. If industry professionals are ready to leverage their knowledge acquired over the years they can also opt for professional master’s degree like an MBA.

An MBA in Business Analysis will not only help you to take career to next level but also inculcate holistic skill set for a new career.

Roles of Business Analyst

  • Business Strategist
  • Business Architect
  • Business System Analyst

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