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       Is BCA Degree Valuable?


The IT industry is at a booming stage and this is the reason most of the IT-related courses are running in full swing. The full form of BCA is Bachelor of Computer Application and it is an undergraduate course for three years aimed to provide computer programming knowledge and insights to the students. Due to the proliferation of IT and ITES, the scope for the computer applications graduates have increased considerably. If you are interested in computers, coding, programming, IT infrastructures, etc. and look forward to building your career in the field, BCA is definitely an option for you. After completing BCA, you can further apply for MCA (Masters in Computer Application) or MBA (Masters in Business Administration).


The BCA course is almost confused or treated equivalent to B.Tech in Computers. The latter is an engineering course and the scope of both the courses differ a lot. BCA will focus on imparting the required IT skills to the students and prepare them to get placed in the IT industry. Once BCA is completed, the students can choose from numerous options in various sectors like ITES, Banks, Software development, education, government, and many other private organizations.


Though BCA is a graduation level course, the same can be done with the help of a distance learning program. Today, distance BCA learning is considered equivalent to any on-campus BCA course. The course syllabus, the learning, and schedule for distance BCA students are the same as that of the on-campus students with an added benefit of studying from home. One more benefit of studying distance BCA is the fees. The fee structure is quite reasonable from Suresh Gyan Vihar University to what you will end up paying at the campus. Further, you will save in your transportation cost from traveling to your university.


The three years of distance BCA course are divided into six semesters. One year consists of two semesters of six months each. On average, a student must study 6-7 subjects per semester. There are renowned universities who are offering distance BCA courses in India. The course structure includes anything and everything related to computers. This course aims at imparting all the technical skills required to succeed in the field of IT.


Distance BCA will also offer you different specializations, out of which you can choose yours. Some of the common specializations available with all the colleges and universities are computer graphics, system analysis, Database management, word processing, internet technologies, animation, and personal information management.


Today, BCA is one of the popular graduate degrees available for the undergraduates to apply. After completing BCA, the door to plenty of career opportunities will open for you. India is a technological hub and the demand for technological experts is never-ending. Your BCA degree is valuable and when you add another postgraduate degree like MCA or MBA with it, your profile will make you stand out in the market.


The various job roles that you can target after completing your distance BCA course are chief information officer, computer support service specialist, computer system analyst, database administrator, software developer and so on.




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