Education is not confined to physical classrooms anymore. The rapid development of technology and communication have made it possible for the learners and trainers to be geographically dispersed. The learners can study at a pace and space of their choosing and convenience. Distance education is the practice of using written or virtual correspondence to learn. In India, distance degree education has always been popular due to socio-economic, cultural and geographical factors; many women have relied upon these to fulfil their educational goals. Earlier, people could not pursue certain courses due to their inability to move cities or take a sabbatical from work. Today, e-distance learning has made it possible for everyone from working professionals to homemakers to that continuing education to gain knowledge and learn skills as per their needs and aspirations.

With the several benefits it offers, distance education can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it may not be suitable for everyone. We have compiled a set of characteristics and personality traits that you must possess to be a successful and happy distance learner. These will tell you if distance education is right for you.

Learning from home:  Distance education means you will probably be studying from your home or any other place of choice instead of a physical classroom or college campus. You must be able to find the right space and allocate sufficient time to study. Additionally, you must be okay with not having the social environment and culture of campus life.

Self-motivated:  A while some people may thrive when they do not have professors looking over their shoulders, others may require external motivation and deadlines to study. If you belong to the former category and are a self-motivated individual, distance learning is the right for you.

Focused and organized:  If you are someone who can be focused even with several distractions not only on the home front but also digital distractions like social networking, cell phones, work-related activities, etc., distance learning is right for you. While in college, there are minimal distractions and one has completely taken time off work and other commitments to focus on studying, unlike distance education where is left on one’s own. To be a successful distance learner, you must also be extremely organized, setting goals and timelines and sticking to them.

Good reading and comprehension skills:   A Distance education involves both listening to/ viewing lectures as well as mastering a vast amount of course material by oneself. For this, you must have good reading and comprehension skills.

Seeking external support and networking:  Although physical classrooms and physical social networks do not exist in distance degree education, most of these courses have online support systems and online learner communities through which one can seek external support and network with other learners. You must be able to leverage such opportunities to achieve your academic goals.

If you fit these above criteria, distance education is right for you. Check SGVU MBA courses to give a lift to your career.

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