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Correspondence MBA combines the benefits of an MBA with the benefits of distance education. These programs enable participants to strengthen their theoretical foundation in their chosen specialization and upgrade their technical management, business, leadership, interpersonal and communication skills.

Do you really need MBA correspondence courses? Here are 7 undeniable reasons to help you decide.

Accessible and affordable:  In the context of cultural, socio-economic and personal barriers to higher education, MBA correspondence courses enable everyone from anywhere across the globe to access and benefit from a MBA degree from distance university. One does not have to uproot oneself to study. One can continue to work or attend to personal commitments while studying. So, there is low or no opportunity cost and no cost of relocation, accommodation or conveyance. Unlike regular MBA programs, you then have only the fees to pay with no additional costs. Even the costs are low and range between Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. These distance programs enable you to rejoin the workforce, forge your path to promotions and career growth.

Industry-oriented courses from top-notch universities:  The distance MBA courses are offered by top-notch universities in a wide range of specializations including business strategy, international marketing, supply chain management, IT, Distance MBA IN HR, data science and so on. The best degrees have a comprehensive, industry-oriented curriculum that is taught by the experienced faculty of these institutes.

Ed-tech platforms recreating classrooms and campus environment in the virtual space:  The best distance MBA programs are offered on advanced ed-tech platforms such as TalentedgeNext. These platforms recreate the classroom and campus environment in the virtual space to provide experiential learning to the participants. To this end, they offer live and interactive lectures, one-on-one interaction opportunities with the faculty, online student community, dedicated student support, digital library, etc.

Technologically-advanced pedagogical tools for experiential learning:  These ed-tech platforms also offer a range of technologically-advanced pedagogical tools that enable experiential and effective learning. These include a mobile app, simulation exercises, case studies high-quality visual aids including videos and infographics, gamification, analytics, practice tests and so on. These courses provide hands-on exposure to the latest tools and techniques. These MBA courses also require participants to do end-term projects.

Flexibility: These degrees offer a great deal of flexibility. You can set the pace of the self-learning component and decide when and where you wish to study.

Career scope: Taking up the MBA courses via distance mode opens up an array of great career opportunities for a promising future by upgrading your knowledge and skills in a chosen domain.

Networking opportunities:  Distance MBA courses offer ample opportunities to interact and network with industry stalwarts and peers from across the country.

So, enrol yourself in the distance MBA today for better opportunities and a bright future.


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