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MBA in Mass Communication via Distance Learning

Mass communication is a medium of dispersing information to the masses. The term is not restricted to journalism but encompasses various other media fields including film direction, public relations, event management, advertising, corporate communication etc. MBA in Mass Communication is an advanced course that helps students advance their careers in communication and media. A professional course like MBA in Mass Communication opens the door for a career in films, publishing relations, journalism, editing, direction, scriptwriting, production, etc.

MBA in Mass Communication

MBA in Mass Communication - Eligibility, Duration, and Fees

Candidates who want to pursue this program must hold an undergraduate degree in any discipline with a minimum aggregate score of 50%.  The course is completed within the duration of 2 years. The cost for a regular MBA program may vary from INR 4 Lakhs to INR 15 Lakhs depending on the institution. However, the cost for a distance MBA program ranges between INR 60,000 to INR 200,000.

Why Choose Distance MBA in Mass Communication?

Over the years, distance learning courses have become popular learning medium for aspirants across multiple academic disciplines. A distance MBA program is offered by faculty members who manage lectures, discussions, and assignments via an online platform. Furthermore, students are able to freely interact with their respective instructors and classmates through the digital platform, enabling them to seek assistance when needed.

There are many reasons to pursue a distance MBA in mass communication. Some of the prominent reasons include:-

  • Flexibility

Distance courses offer greater flexibility as compared to taking traditional courses on the campus. It enables the students to take classes at their own pace, whenever they want.  This flexibility allows students to structure their day as they prefer as opposed to having to structure their days solely around their education.

  • Cost-Effective 


Attending a distance MBA course is typically more cost-effective than obtaining a traditional MBA. Tuition fees for online education are more reasonable because the schools don’t have to maintain or offers amenities like libraries, dorms or cafeterias for their students. When it comes to distance MBA education, the cost of acquiring a degree is the only charge that students have to deal with throughout the course of the program.

  •     Greater  Networking Opportunities

With on-campus education, student engagement remains limited to their classmates. Distance learning offers unlimited opportunities for students to connect with their peers from across the nation. Additionally, distance learning programs offer discussion forums that enable students to engage with each other and share their insights.

An MBA degree can be a prominent and influential aspect of an individual’s professional life. Distance MBA in mass communication allows ambitious professionals to refine their skill sets in a comfortable learning environment and advance their careers in the field of media and communication. Owing to the benefits rendered by distance education, the demand for distance MBA courses are certainly increasing in India. Presently, there are various institutes that offer distance MBA in mass communication, enabling students and professionals to advance their careers in a convenient manner.


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