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Today Project Management is a career option that offers wider scope or job opportunities in the different business domain. Whenever a project is undertaken, there will be a need for a project manager to plan and execute the work.

What is Project Management?

Project Management defines project objectives, planning, arrange resources, and completion of tasks on schedule and within budget.

The project manager is responsible for management of the project and must be skillful in managing the six aspects of a project, i.e. scope, finance, schedule, risk, quality and resources.

Project manager usually works according to stages such as initiation, development, production, closing, and maintenance.

Reasons to choose Project Management as a career

the demand for project managers is exploding.
You can work in a wide variety of industries.
Project managers command good salaries.
Opportunities for advancement are great.
A career where you can make an impact.

Project Co-ordinator
It is an entry-level position that offers exposure to the work done by project managers. You also schedule meetings and help the management team in any way possible.

Project Scheduler
For big projects, a project scheduler runs the software, inputting the information which is supplied by the management team and updating files as per needed.

Asst. Project Manager
Assistant Project managers do not necessarily help the project manager directly. Rather, they are usually assigned particular tasks to manage. They meet regularly with the project manager to report progress and problems related project.

Project Manager
In this position, you may run a project yourself and lead a management team, assign task management to assistants. Project manager reports to the client or the owner of a project.

Here is the list of some of the other lucrative job roles after completion of Project Management MBA

Project Director
Project Lead
Project Quality Manager
Project Specialist
Project Risk Manager
Project Planner
Project Procurement Manager

SGVU is one such university which imparts Distance MBA in Project Management to develop all-round professionals capable of successfully handling complex projects.

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