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Established in 2012, is the Suresh Gyan Vihar University - Distance Education (SGVU-DE). A distance MBA caters to the needs of individuals who cannot due to some circumstances take admission to the colleges they desire. In today's age, distance MBA is of huge demand. SGUV offers Under Graduation (UG) and Post Graduation (PG) courses in different streams such as MCA, PGDCA, BCA, MBA, and BBA. 

The course will be delivered as per the criteria laid out by the Distance Education Council (DEC). Practical and theoretical classes are both conducted. This allows professionals to reach higher goals. The programs are well monitored, coordinated, conducted, and controlled by the staff members of SGVU. There are different centres spread across the state of Rajasthan. 

Importance of Business Analysis 

Business Analysis is a procedure that involves utilizing statistical techniques including graphs, central tendency, and so on. It involves gathering business-related data. This stream involves the implementation of research methodologies that helps in decision making in your business and upgrades the organizational performances. Business Analysis guarantees information security, ensures the privacy of information, enhances the accuracy of collected information, and structured and unstructured data. 

Scope of Business Analysis:

The scope of Business Analysis is broad. Such as:

  • A distance MBA in Business Analytics can be used in descriptive analysis, for analyzing situations of the present, past, and future. 

  • Business Analysis is helpful for predictive analysis as well i.e., to determine and examine the business execution carried out in the past. 

  • Including prescriptive analysis, this method is used for stronger business execution. 

Distance MBA in Business Analytics offered by SGVU:

According to the previous analysis, there was an expected 30% growth in the field of Business Analysis and Intelligence. Today's economy requires highly skilled individuals in the field of Business Analysis to make sure that the company acquires professionals who are capable of drawing strategies to make sure their business strategically moves forward. 

The quality education provided at SGVU provides the unique skill set required for individuals to evolve in Data Management, Business Analytics & Intelligence, and Development. The program offered by SGVU does not only contain books but also relevant case studies and projects that are related to your field of study. The curriculum follows the latest trends put by the industry. The distance MBA makes sure that individuals can have a successful career in Big Data Analytics (BDA) in India

Objectives set up by SGVU for their Business Analysis in the MBA program:

  • The program is helpful to build an overall analytics strategy.

  • This course enables individuals to overlook all the aspects required for an analytics and business intelligence project.

  • Tips and tricks required to run a successful data mining and data analytics process.

  • Develop an understanding of business behaviors required for customer engagement, retention, and acquisition. 

  • Learn to develop data-driven analysis as per client needs, statistical models, and segmentation schemes. 

  • Learn how to utilize different analytics tools and technologies for data analysis processes. 

Admission process regarding MBA in Business Analytics through SGVU

Interested candidates can apply online to secure their seat in our university and have a chat regarding the admission procedures with our counselors. 

The aspirants have to fill out a mandatory admission form and submit the necessary documents required for the admission process. The documents can either be couriered or emailed to the university. 

Career options after MBA in Business Analytics. 

There are many jobs available for business analytics according to their experience, knowledge, and aptitude. The career choices available after MBA include: 

  • Big Data Analyst

  • Data Scientist

  • Business Analyst

  • Data Mining Expert

  • Predictive Modeller

  • Data Warehousing expert

  • market research analyst

  • qualitative analyst

  • Business Analyst project manager

  • Data Warehousing and BA Architecture

  • Data Analyst SAS Programmer

  • Business Analyst Industry Expert

  • Technical Team Leader

  • Data Analyst 

  • Business Intelligence Expert

The detailed curriculum in Distance MBA program offered by the SGVU:

1st-semester subjects:

  • Accounting & Financial Management

  • Global Business Environment & Economics

  • HR & OB

  • Modern Business Organization and Management

  • Business & Corporate Law

2nd-semester subjects:

  • Production Operations & SCM

  • Modern Marketing Management

  • Information Technology for Business

  • Business Research Methodology

  • Business Communication Skills

3rd-semester subjects:

  • Management of Information Systems and Business Intelligence

  • Business Policies & Strategic Management

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

  • Fundamentals of Data Analytics

  • Presentation and Visualisation of Data

4th-semester subjects:

  • Business Analysis

  • Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

  • Data and Information Management

  • Web analytics

  • Project Work

MBA in Business Analytics- Eligibility

To be an eligible candidate for business analytics, each individual must fulfill the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 50% of marks in Graduation 

  • For candidates who scored less than 50% in their graduation, they must have an experience of minimum 2 years 

  • Duration must be of a minimum of 2 years and maximum of  4years 

Top recruiting industries for students with an MBA in Business Analytics:

The scope for people who opted for an MBA in Business Analytics is high. Top 5 companies looking for such professionals include:

  • Mckinsey and Company

  • Microsoft

  • Boston Consulting Group

  • Morgan Stanley 

  • KPMG

SGVU offers an excellent curriculum taught by qualified faculty members, engaging students for live case studies and projects related to their curriculum. Many students enroll in our program to achieve world-class education facilities. 

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