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A master of business management (MBA) is a postgraduate degree that offers theoretical and practical training in order to provide a deeper understanding of various business management functions. Distance learning courses have presently become popular options for professionals across multiple academic disciplines.


The Growth of Distance MBA Degree


A distance MBA program is proctored by faculty members who manage lectures, discussions, and assignments via an online platform. Furthermore, students are able to freely interact with their respective instructors and classmates through the digital platform, enabling them to seek assistance when needed. While the experience offered by distance programs can be considerably different from that of traditional college education, both options are effective means of obtaining advanced academic knowledge.


Following are the reasons why distance MBA Degree is rapidly becoming a popular means of education amongst students across India:-


  • Flexibility


Distance courses offer greater flexibility as compared to taking traditional courses on the campus. It enables the students to take classes at their own pace, whenever they want.  This flexibility allows students to structure their day as they prefer as opposed to having to structure their days solely around their education.


  • Cost-Effective


Attending a distance MBA program is typically more cost-effective than obtaining a traditional MBA. Tuition fees for online education are also more reasonable because the schools don’t have to maintain or offers amenities like libraries, dorms or cafeterias for their students.


  • Better Access to Resources


Distance learning programs extend better access to educational resources than traditional classrooms. This can help with learning and studying coursework in a more efficient manner. Students can also access third-party online tools that can be incorporated into studying and make the learning process easier and effective.


  • Significant Networking Opportunities


Distance learning offers unlimited opportunities for students to connect with their peers from across the nation. Additionally, distance learning programs offer discussion forums that enable students to engage with each other and share their insights.



Reasons to Choose Suresh Gyan Vihar University for MBA Degree


Suresh Gyan Vihar University is one of the leading education institutes in India that offer various distance learning courses. Distance MBA programs offered by SGVU are specifically designed for professionals and provide them with comfortable and quality learning environment.


There are multiple reasons to choose Suresh Gyan Vihar University for distance MBA degree. Some of the prominent reasons include:-


  • Live Lectures

Live lectures are conducted by experienced faculty at scheduled times that help students understand the topics better and resolve queries.


  • E-Book and Practice Test

Students are provided with comprehensive self-learning materials in the form of an e-book. Such materials provide students with the flexibility of learning. Additionally, students can take various practice tests in order to monitor their progress.


  • Mobile App

Through SGVU mobile app, students can learn while on the move. The mobile is equipped with all the important features like e-book, practice test, ask a pro, etc.


  • Students Support

Every student gets dedicated support that assists them with queries associated with their course and careers




Distance MBA allows ambitious professionals to refine their business and leadership skill sets in a comfortable learning environment without having to compromise their current jobs. Owing to the benefits rendered by distance education, the demand for distance MBA courses are certainly increasing in India. Suresh Gyan Vihar University is one of the well-established universities in India that offer a wide range of distance MBA programs, enabling professionals to advance their academic credentials while continuing their professional life.



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