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Online education has become a highly popular format of learning for students, executives and working professionals these days. There are many subjects that are available in the form of an online degree today. MBA or Master of Business Administration is one such popular professional degree available in the form of an online MBA course. Most major business schools and universities around the world now have an online version of their regular business management course. Students can even specialise in their preferred stream such as an MBA in IT specialisation or a marketing specialisation. An online MBA is similar to an MBA correspondence course. However, in case of a correspondence course the books and other material needs to be sent physically by post to the students and back to the college conducting the course.

An MBA in marketing can be beneficial to working professional or even fresher’s who are interested in a career in marketing. It helps the students of the course get acquainted with the job skills and the knowledge required for a marketing career. An online MBA is preferred by working professionals who cannot attend a regular full time MBA course due to time, money or location constraints. An online degree in business management can lead to a promotion or a boost in salary. It can also provide better opportunities to marketing professionals by enhancing their knowledge of marketing theories and concepts. It also gives them the opportunity to network with people, which a must skill for a marketing professional.

Such a course benefits the students because it allows them to be flexible in terms of their study arrangement. Online courses can be accessed from any location at any time. All a student requires is a good internet connection and a laptop. A student can come back from work and study in his own time. He can also take part in all the tests online and there is no need for any correspondence. The grading is done instantly, and results are shared with the student. It is therefore time saving.
Online marketing specific MBA courses are also cost effective in nature. Since the students do not have to attend a class, they save on traveling costs. They do not need a hostel or any other paid arrangement to stay at. They save on rent costs. In addition to this, the tuition fee of online courses is less than those of regular courses. This happens because there are no major infrastructural and maintenance costs of college buildings, furniture and other equipment.

The duration and level of online MBA course, irrespective of specialization, can vary. Some courses can take a year or two and those are usually online degree courses. There are certificate courses as well which are typically short duration courses.

For those who worry about the quality of the curriculum, the course work and rigour of online MBAs are identical in nature. As marketing is a popular career choice in corporate circles and offers a good career ahead, most of the major business schools are already offering their MBA courses with a specialisation in marketing. For students of the marketing specialisation, the course material will be similar for an online course. In fact, the faculty teaching the normal business marketing courses in a business school teach the online courses as well.

A person interested in marketing or a marketing executive at the lower rung of the corporate ladder can gain significantly from a specialization in marketing done through an online MBA course. Marketing professionals have long working hours and may also spend a majority of their time traveling. A flexible coursework is one of the pre-requisites for them if they want to enrol themselves in an MBA course. Therefore, it works for them that it is in an online format. Secondly, it is a great benefit if a person is able to get his marketing specialisation from a business school that has expertise in this field. With online MBA, there are several business schools all over the world and a student has the option to choose one that can provide the best marketing education to him. In this way, an online MBA in marketing is a good idea to ensure that one gets the best education.

It is quite clear from the above arguments that an online MBA with a specialization in marketing can prove to be stepping stone for a student who is gearing up for marketing success. With proper planning, one can opt for the best online MBA courses that are available and are considered great for marketing professionals. Once a student has carefully finalised a good course, with a little bit of hard work and discipline he can utilise it to speed up his marketing career.

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