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Students pursuing MBA are required to choose a particular specialisation, usually in the last two semesters of the course. Most of the time candidates are not aware of the type of specialisation to choose from. A right MBA specialisation open vistas to next phase of education and career advancement opportunities. Here are the most preferred MBA specialisations in India and reasons why they are becoming popular.

MBA in Marketing

One of the most traditional specialisations in MBA, this is meant for students who have a creative mindset. If you are planning to work in sectors such as consumer durables, fast moving consumer goods, media or sales & distribution, MBA in marketing can be quite useful. You can also choose sub-specialisation such as public relations, digital marketing, advertising, market research and many others.

MBA in Human Resource Management

A human resource manager is the need of all the sectors. Moreover, the basic profile remains same across all industries and geographical boundaries. Hence, there are also ample chances for overseas employment in HR. The job profile includes activities such as recruitment, selection, training, and performance appraisals in a company. If you are a people’s person and have an emphatic nature, this one is for you.

MBA in Finance

Those who love money and number-crunching often opt for finance specialisation in MBA. All companies, irrespective of their nature and size need to raise and manage money. So, growth opportunities are immense.

MBA in E-commerce

With millions of registered e-commerce websites and growth of mobile technology, this specialisation offers a promising career. MBA in e-commerce gives an opportunity to study core subjects such as strategic management, data analytics, managing technology and other e-commerce related subjects.

MBA in Supply Chain and Operations Management
The modern corporate and industrial world depends on a vibrant supply chain and robust logistics. Therefore, this specialisation is important for international logistics, import-export operations, optimization of transport and supply chain system. These MBA specialisations in India make the professionals focus on supply chain systems, logistic processes and network planning.

MBA in Information technology
Information Technology has emerged as a very promising sector for IT professionals. MBA in IT open avenues for positions such as Technical Systems Manager, System Analyst, and Technical consultant. IT professionals are in great demand in e-commerce, IT and other related industries.

Various MBA specialisations in India add a competitive edge to your career. Hence, select the specialisations with great care.

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