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MCA courses are professional degrees in computer science that provide not only theoretical knowledge in the field but focus equally on the practical application of concepts in real-life situations to solve scientific and commercial problems. Professionals with MCA degrees are welcome with open arms in the IT field.

This is because the global tech revolution is rapidly increasing the demand for tech-savvy professionals with skills, knowledge and expertise in IT, computers, programming and web development across the globe. Organizations find professionals with MCA degrees suitable to fill these growing vacancies due to their strong practical skills.  

Where can you apply for distance MCA?

Distance MCA courses are a boon for those who cannot afford to uproot themselves and leave behind their personal and professional commitments for the sake of studying. By removing education from the physical boundaries of the college campus and classroom, distance MCA degrees can be taken from anywhere across the globe as long as there is internet connectivity.

So, you can apply for distance MCA courses by choosing one of the best distance MCA degrees offered. These programs allow you to take the course from anywhere you please and continue to earn while you learn.

The best university to take up distance MCA is Suresh Gyan Vihar University (SGVU)

To ensure immersive and hands-on learning of the all the skills, tools and techniques, the program is taught using a wide range of advanced teaching-learning tools like simulation exercises, visual aids, gamification, a mobile app, analytics, etc.

The MCA courses offered by SGVU also offer many opportunities to interact and network with industry stalwarts and peers from across the country.

How much do these distance MCA degrees cost?

Not much. MCA correspondence course fees from SGVU are less than Rs. 1,00,000 in total. There are no other costs involved (opportunity costs, conveyance costs, etc.).

Enrol in one of these distance MCA courses to usher in career growth and development.

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