Distance BA							  - Journalism and Mass Communication

The program is aimed to train and enable the students to get acquainted to the industry wherein the correspondence being an integral part of public communication which is most important aspect for the well being of the society.


  • Students will be able to understand, comprehend and explain the concept in context to the society / industry
  • Identification of news values and comprehend the news process
  • Demonstrate interviewing and newsgathering skills
  • Identification of ethical issues faced by the media and understand the trends in commercialization of news


Semester 1

  1. Functional Hindi
  2. Introduction to Journalism & Mass Communication
  3. Value Education and Liberal Studies ? I
  4. India?s Political Environment
  5. Planning and Development

Semester 2

  1. Functional English
  2. Origin and Growth of Print Media
  3. Tourism and Tribal Communication
  4. Organizational behavior and Communication.
  5. Basics of Computer Application

Semester 3

  1. Introduction to Psychology
  2. Indian Constitution and Media laws
  3. Reporting for Media
  4. Writing for Media
  5. Introduction to Folk Media

Semester 4

  1. Introduction to Public Relations
  2. Introduction to Audio-Visual Communication
  3. Community Development
  4. Photo-Journalism
  5. Introduction to Sociology

Semester 5

  1. Introduction to Advertising
  2. Contemporary Issues
  3. Design and Graphics
  4. Editing Techniques
  5. Basics of Economics

Semester 6

  1. Media Management
  2. Web Journalism
  3. Radio Production
  4. TV Production
  5. Fundamental Concept of Political Science


  • 10+2 or its equivalent
  • Duration: Minimum 3 years & Max 6 years


Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
Rs.25,000/- Rs.25,000/- Rs.25,000/- Rs.75,000/-
* Includes Exam fees for first attempt for each subject

"No Cost EMI Application Form needs to be filled by students along with the Admission Process."

Program Student Down Payment EMI Tenure Student EMI Student Applicable Fee
BA J & M Rs.8020/- 12 Rs.6250/- Rs.75000+ P.F of NBFC
SGVU Foreign Student Annual Fees Plan in INR
Programs Duration Tuition Fees Annual in INR Exam Fees Annual in INR Total Annual Fees in INR
BA (J&MC) 3 Years 34000 6000 50000
* Degree and Provisional Certificate Fees Rs. 1000/-


• The Facility for EMI based Finance Option is offered by Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC)
• By Applying to above Finance led EMI based Fees Plan, the students undertakes that he / she is applying for a Loan from the Non-Banking Finance Company
• The Loan is subject to Finance based Eligibility Criteria of the NBFC Partner of the University
• University has no role to play in the finance option as this is only a facility for students extended by the University
• By selecting Loan Facility Student Undertakes to abide by all the norms of NBFC towards the Loan Facility extended
• Admission is subject to eligibility norms of the university

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