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Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a 3-year degree program offered by SGVU-DE. The program emphasizes coursework in multiple domains of humanities, in addition to courses specific for each domain. With this program, the student can acquire core skills in the selected domains along with addition of employability enhancement skills. The program is ideal for the learners who are preparing for jobs in government, semi-government, public or private enterprises. Additionally, the program curriculum has been designed in such a way that it can help the students to strengthen their domain knowledge, which as a result will make a huge difference in students who are preparing for various competitive exams. On successful completion of the program students will obtain a bachelor’s degree from the university. Additionally, the students will acquire adequate knowledge and skills in Communication Skills, Presentation Skills and Computer Applications besides achieving a remarkable improvement in their overall personality.
In this program, students will be offered an opportunity to choose the domains of their desire from the multiple domain buckets. For example, in the 1st year of program the student can select any two subjects from the domain specific buckets such as History, Geography, English Literature, Economics, Political Science, and Public Administration. Students can select a new domain in each of their three years of the program.


  • To impart conceptual and specific domain knowledge in multiple domains of humanities.
  • To cultivate the understanding related to various topics in the domain specific as well general areas
  • To deliver various employability skills such as communication and computer related skills to enhance the job-readiness of the students
  • To provide ‘Hands on’ knowledge to prepare the students for competitive examinations


Elective Domain 1

Semester 1

Hindi Language/General English

Environment Studies

Elective Subjects from Domain Buckets


Semester 2

Hindi Language/General English

Human Values and Professional Ethics

Elective Subjects from Domain Buckets



Elective Domain 2

Semester 3

Basics of Computers

Elective Subjects from Domain Buckets


Semester 4

Communication Skills

Elective Subjects from Domain Buckets

Elective Domain 3

Semester 5

Employability Skills - I

Elective Subjects from Domain Buckets

Semester 6

Employability Skills - II

Elective Subjects from Domain Buckets

Note: Student to Select 3 Domain Buckets in First Year (Example: History , Economics and Political Science ). Student will study 1 subject from each selected domain in all semesters of the program

Sem Subjects
1 History of India (From the Beginning Up to 1200 A.D.)
2 History Of Rajasthan (From Earliest Times To 1956 A.d)
3 History of Medieval India (C 1200-1761 AD)
4 Main Trends in the Cultural History of India
5 History of Modern India (1761-1971 AD)
6 History of Modern World (1500-2000 AD)
English Literature Political Science
Sem Subjects Sem Subjects
1 Poetry and Drama-I 1 Foundations of Political Science
2 Prose and Fiction-I 2 Representative Indian Political Thinkers
3 Poetry and Drama-II 3 Selected Political System
4 Prose and Fiction-II 4 Indian Political System
5 Poetry and Drama-III 5 Representative Western Political Thinkers
6 Prose and Fiction-III 6 International Relations since World War-II and Indian Foreign Policy
Hindi Literature Psychology
Sem Subjects Sem Subjects
1 आदिकालऔरभक्तिकाल 1 Basic Psychological Processes
2 कहानीऔरगघकीअन्यविधाएँ 2 Social Psychology
3 रीतिकाल 3 Abnormal Psychology
4 नाटकएवंएकांकी 4 Psychological Statistics
5 आधुनिककाव्य 5 Positive Psychology
6 निबंध, उपन्यासऔरकाव्यशास्त्र 6 Psychological Testing and Assessment
Economics Geography
Sem Subjects Sem Subjects
1 Micro Economic Theory 1 Physical Geography
2 Indian Economy 2 Geography of Rajasthan
3 Introductory Macro Economics 3 Resources Geography
4 Elements of statistics and Mathematics 4 Human Geography
5 Introduction To International Trade, Development and Public Economics 5 World Regional Geography
6 Application of Mathematics in Economics 6 Geography of India
Public Aministration Sociology
Sem Subjects Sem Subjects
1 Elements of Public Administration 1 Introduction to sociology
2 Public Administration in India 2 Society in India
3 Administrative Institutions in India 3 Social Research Methods
4 State  Administration in India 4 Sociology of Village 
5 Comparative Administrative Systems 5 Sociology Thought
6 Local Administration 6 Introducing sub sociology


  • 10+2 or its equivalent
  • Duration: Minimum 3 years & Max 6 years


Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
Rs.14,000/- Rs.14,000/- Rs.14,000/- Rs.42,000/-
* Includes Exam fees for first attempt for each subject

"No Cost EMI Application Form needs to be filled by students along with the Admission Process."

Program Student Down Payment EMI Tenure Student EMI Student Applicable Fee
BA General Rs.4491/- 12 Rs.3500/- Rs.42000 +P.F of NBFC
SGVU Foreign Student Annual Fees Plan in INR
Programs Duration Tuition Fees Annual in INR Exam Fees Annual in INR Total Annual Fees in INR
BA General 3 Years 34000 6000 40000
* Degree and Provisional Certificate Fees Rs. 1000/-


• The Facility for EMI based Finance Option is offered by Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC)
• By Applying to above Finance led EMI based Fees Plan, the students undertakes that he / she is applying for a Loan from the Non-Banking Finance Company
• The Loan is subject to Finance based Eligibility Criteria of the NBFC Partner of the University
• University has no role to play in the finance option as this is only a facility for students extended by the University
• By selecting Loan Facility Student Undertakes to abide by all the norms of NBFC towards the Loan Facility extended
• Admission is subject to eligibility norms of the university

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