Distance MA							  - Political Science


MA Political Science has been designed for learners to acquaint the understanding of Indian Government, Political Systems, Political Philosophy. Students would be able to understand Indian Constitution, International Relations and the Indian Administrative process.


  • To enable the understanding within student and help them gain knowledge in the various political concepts, related theories, and their relevance in present political systems.
  • To stimulate intellectual curiosity and research attitude in the students
  • The students will logically apply their knowledge in the understanding of the nature of political system, form of government and the relevance of empirical theories for a sound working of government.
  • To provide the student with awareness of current political debates


Semester 1

  1. Fundamental Concept of Political Science
  2. Indian Political Thought ? Ancient and Medieval
  3. Western Political Thought - Ancient and Medieval
  4. History of Constitutional Development in India

Semester 2

  1. Indian Political Thought - Modern
  2. Western political Thought ? Modern
  3. Theories of International Politics
  4. Electoral Politics and Reforms in Indian

Semester 3

  1. Indian Constitutional System
  2. Comparative Political Institutions
  3. International Politics (Post 1991)
  4. Gender, Governance and Politics

Semester 4

  1. Government and Politics in India
  2. Contemporary Political Theory
  3. Theory and Practice of Public Administration
  4. Gender and Law in India


  • Any Degree from Recognized University


Year 1 Year 2 Total
Rs.14,000/- Rs.14,000/- Rs.28,000/-
* Includes Exam fees for first attempt for each subject

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