Distance MA							  - Sociology


The motive of the program M.A. (Sociology) is to improve human wellbeing towards: An attempt in providing assistance in our country’s unity Provide insights in solving social problems and challenges Understanding the Social Structure aimed at research along with statistical approach for well being M.A.(Sociology) would provide a sense of understanding to a social worker towards achieving a systematic way of studying the forms of social organizations and its patterns within the social life.


  • To impart a comprehensive knowledge with society as a perspective for improving social life
  • Demonstrate competency in Social Environment for unity in country.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of importance and relevance of multicultural & diversity issues in social environment.


Semester 1

  1. Foundation of Sociology
  2. Methods of Sociological Research
  3. Indian Society-1
  4. Rural Sociology

Semester 2

  1. Development of Sociological Thoughts-1
  2. Sociological Theory-1
  3. Indian Society-II
  4. Criminology

Semester 3

  1. Development of Sociological Thoughts-II
  2. Family, Marriage and Kinship
  3. Sociology of Development
  4. Gender and Society

Semester 4

  1. Sociology in India
  2. Sociological Theory-II
  3. Urban Sociology
  4. Social Stratification and Social Change


  • Any Degree from Recognized University


Year 1 Year 2 Total
Rs.14,000/- Rs.14,000/- Rs.28,000/-
* Includes Exam fees for first attempt for each subject
Program Student Down Payment EMI Tenure Student EMI Student Applicable Fee
MA Rs.5,864/- 24 Rs.1,129/- Rs.32,960/-


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• By Applying to above Finance led EMI based Fees Plan, the students undertakes that he / she is applying for a Loan from the Non-Banking Finance Company
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• University has no role to play in the finance option as this is only a facility for students extended by the University
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• Admission is subject to eligibility norms of the university

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