Sure Career Growth With Most Awarded University

Suresh Gyan Vihar University, one of the most awarded university, delivers distance education programmes in a completely flexible learning environment. You can study and access online resources through Digital Campus on your mobile, tablet & laptop devices. Additionally, we ensure your employability along with education, and so we provide free skill building programmes and career workshops to make you industry ready.

Programmes Empowered by Edusphere

Edusphere is the 4 layered learning methodology which empowers distance education. Edusphere act as an nurturing surrounding around SGVU’s distance education programme to transform it in to an outcome based education with world class learning experience.

Following are the advantages of Edusphere:

Layer 1 is the Learning Sphere i.e Learning Essentials which includes study books, e-books, study guide, self practice test, reference videos.

Layer 2 is the Interactive Sphere i.e. India’s Most Interactive Distance Learning which gives you flexibility and access to quality education with Live Lectures, App based Learning, Digital Campus, Student Support and more

Layer 3 is the Industry Sphere i.e Unique Industry Focused Learning which bridges the gap between academia and Industry. That is the course curriculum is endorsed by Industry partners like Talentedge, People Strong, Wheebox, OLX and many more

Layer 4 is the Career Sphere i.e Most Advanced Career Focused Learning which empowers the students to help them in career transformation with features like Career Advisory from Industry Starlwarts, Selfie Scan to do a psychometric and personality test, Video talks by Industry Leaders and thousand of Free Skill based courses.

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