Result Guidelines as below -
1. The result would be accessible only through the SID number,
2. The student should refer to the university website for details of the grading process.
3. A student failing in a course will be awarded any of the following grades depending on students performance:
    (i) Grade E1, if a student is failing only in Continuous Evaluation - Assignments. The student should successfully complete the assignments for the said subject.
    (ii) Grade E2, if a student is failing only in the End Semester Examination. The student should re-appear for the Examination for said subject.
    (iii) Grade F, if a student is failing in both the components. The student should complete both assignments and examinations successfully for passing the subject.
4. The results declared herewith are subject to alterations by the University as there may be updations in the same during the final mark sheet generation
5. The students should note that they have submitted their assignments, projects and lab test before the last date communicated to students earlier, students submitting the same after the deadline the same would not be considered in this exam result
6.  Incase of any discrepancy in the results which includes name related changes the same has to be communicated to
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